I have been going to SMART Medical & Rehab Therapy for many years. I started going back when it was called Silver Spring Chiropractic. The quality of services provided and helpfulness/friendliness of doctors has always been outstanding. I have had neck and back pain since I was in fourth grade, I am now 24. When I was younger I would get treated weekly as well as do some physical therapy stretches (provided to me by SMART doctors) on my own. Without all of that work I really do not know how I would have been able to ‘just be a kid’ and partake in activities with my friends.

SMART Medical has provided me with all of the steps to be in less to no pain. They have sent me home with special pillows, ice packs, and exercises to do on my own time while I am at home. The doctors are always available to answer my questions in a timely manner. In all those years I cannot think of a time when I have left the office without a smile on my face. I know now how to better manage my pain when I have it and am able to go back in for treatment now as needed. I have been and will always be a SMART patient for life.

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