Diet and exercise can definitely affect and help your overall health but it truly cannot define it. Genetics can also play a big role in your health.  You can be the world’s best tri-athlete, who eats right and exercises every day and still die from a major heart attack or cancer.  For whatever reason, these are the chosen few.  Fate has something in store for all of us.

But luckily over the past ten years, science has really tuned into genetics.  It has learned that as much as cigarettes and other health related issues can trigger your genes expression to turn on cancer and other health issues, eating healthy and exercising can turn them off.   Diet and exercise will counteract something that can genetically be wrong in your body.

With the knowledge of genetics, Physicians are now able to order test to check individual genetic make up to see if they are at risk or not by carrying known cancer genes.  With this information, they are able to help guide their patience into better health and even save their lives. Many cancers, as well as other genetic issues, when can caught early enough can be cured, manage or reversed.   Genetic research is making a path to how we live longer lives.

Since the early 2000’s many people have taken it on their own accord to do 23andme or other DNA sites to check their health as well as family trees.  With the internet, there is a wide open source to take a good look at where your genes are at.  And with it, its your will do do with it that you wish.

You are the owner of the body, so use it wisely and make the best of it.  What you put into it, how you utilize it, can make an impact on how your over all health and how long you live.