Dr. Michael Williamson, a former Division I Athlete, specializes in Chiropractic’s with Functional Medicine.  His varied background in athletics, science and overall human body function provides the perfect foundation for addressing all major structural deficiencies of individuals in our community.

Dr. Williamson strives for his patients to reach the ultimate level of health by obtaining their goals through the removal of spinal subluxation (spinal nerve interference), chiropractic care.  With his specialty in Functional Medicine, Dr. Williamson will not only focus on the area of pain or injury but he will focus on you as a whole.  With his expertise, he is able to address underlying causes of diseases and make the appropriate responses to start the healing process.

Passionate about chiropractic health and its possibilities, Dr. Williamson provides A+ service, which helps individuals and families reach their optimal health potential. His philosophy and approach to healthcare is viewed as the new paradigm in healthcare and is helping thousands of people reach new levels of health.